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Pioneering voice computing research

Join us as we solve the biggest problems in voice computing.

Problems we're solving

We're researching things at the edge of of voice science - from diagnosing diseases with new machine learning models to building open-source voice assistants.


Data collection / cleaning

We're creating new protocols for how to collect and clean voice data.


Feature embeddings

We're making new feature embeddings for voice, text, image, and video data.


Machine learning 

We're curating new speech datasets to classify emotions, accents, gender, and age.



We're looking at new ways we can automatically generate text and voice data.



We're innovating the process of visualizing audio, text, and image data with Elastic Search and Kibana.


Voice assistants

We've open sourced our own voice assistant, Nala, written completely in Python.


Server architectures

We're researching new distributed computing server paradigms for voice computing.


Security, legal, and ethical frameworks

We're researching new security, legal, and ethics frameworks to maximize consumer protections.


Looking to learn more about voice computing? Check out the book we recently released to help train the next generation of voice computing experts.

Our Team

We're an interdisciplinary group of engineers, computer scientists, physicians, lawyers, designers, and researchers working to translate work in voice computing into products.

Jim Schwoebel

Chief Executive Officer

Drew Morris

Chief Technology Officer

Marsal Gavalda

Machine Learning Lead

James Fairey

Chief Audio Officer

Paul Prae

Software Engineer

Austin New

Software Engineer

Russell Ingram

Software Engineer

Grace Powers

Regulatory Affairs Advisor

Benjamin Maldonado

Innovation Fellow,
Miami University

Ashi Awasthi

Innovation Fellow,
Georgia Tech

TaJah Reynolds

Innovation Fellow,
Miami University

Ankita Moss

Innovation Fellow,
Emory University

Morgan Gallimore

Innovation Fellow,
Georgia Tech

Yutika Ineni

Innovation Fellow,
UT Dallas

Megha Sharma

Innovation Fellow,
Georgia Tech

Madeline Mullen

Innovation Fellow,
University of Cincinnati

Sahaj Shah

Innovation Fellow,
Dartmouth College

Kathleen Williams

Innovation Fellow,
Michigan State University

Robert Schad

Innovation Fellow,
University of Cincinnati

Sanjanaa Shanmugam

Innovation Fellow,
Rice University

Srikar Ayyalasomayajula

Innovation Fellow,
University of Michigan

Past Team Members

We have a rich history of training emerging scientists in voice computing through our Innovation Fellows program. If you are interested, you can apply here.

Reza Hosseini Ghomi

Chief Medical Officer,

Larry Zhang

Research Assistant,
Stanford University

Annie Vu

Vice President Of Strategy,
Interro Ventures

Haoxin Li

Master's Student,
Harvard University

Alexx Mitchell

Automation Engineer,
Universal Audio

Tarun Maddali

Research Assistant,
Georgia Tech

Hilary Lynch

Software Engineer,

Luke Lyon

Software Engineer,
Carbon Black

David Prae

Web Developer,
Chalk LLC

Radhika Duvvuri

Masters Student,
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Peter Tang

Research Engineer,

Alice Romanov

Green Business Network, WFU Office of Sustainability

Audrey Wagner

Research Assistant, 
UPMC Medicine

Yahia Ali

Graduate Student,
Emory University

Wendy Nguyen

Quality Assurance Engineer,
Second Source Medical LLC

Allison Pei

Medical Student,
Stony Brook School of Medicine

Dylan Pitulski,

Research Assistant,
University of Pittsburgh

Alyssa Naritoku

Product Analyst,
Webtoon Entertainment

Jake Peacock

Software Developer,

Aditi Mylavarapu

Software Engineer,

Ryan Dunn

ER Scribe,

Sumaiya Sayeed

Research Assistant,
Brown University

Aditya Muralidhar

Senior AI Analyst,

Mugdha Apte

Research Assistant,
Georgia Tech

Neel Atawala

Medical Scribe,
Atlanta Institute for ENT

Justin John

UT Dallas

Dylan Martin

Software Engineer,

Maria Daigle

Research Assistant,
Brown University

Raj Singh

Machine Learning Engineer,

Timothy Wroge

Research Intern,
the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition

Shadab Hassan

Senior Client Solutions Associate,
Gerson Lehrman Group

Hannah Gersch

Research Assistant,
Prausnitz Lab at Georgia Tech

Jerry Shan

CS Student,
UC Berkeley

Yosef Amrami

Masters Student,
St. John’s University

Geoffrey Bocobo

M.D. Student & Graduate Researcher |
Co-founder, Medsix

Chris Villongco

Resident Psychiatrist,
Morehouse School of Medicine

Aileen Wu

Vanderbilt University

Prateek Gupta

DPhil in Computer Science,
University of Oxford

Nikhil Raghuraman

Software Engineer,

Katy Felkner

Research Assistant,
Digital Latin Library

Agnes Zhao

Research Project Assistant,
Oakland Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center

Jordan Lander

Erie Public Schools


The Innovation Fellows Program

Every 6 months our Fellows present demos at Demo Days. Check out some of their amazing demos below.

Tribe 4 Demo Day
(August 2019)

Group 1  (1:50-13:44) - SES Biomarker
Yosef Amrami (14:45-23:50) - Appraisals
Jordan Lander (27:00-43:30) -Alcohol 
Prateek Gupta (44:22-1:01:47) - Scarce data
Nikhil Raghuraman (1:03:17-1:13:00) - Twilio
Jerry Shan - (1:14:00-1:23:00) - iOS framework 
Agnes Zhao - (1:24:00-1:31:00) - YouTube
Katy Felkner - (1:31:20-1:39:32) - Dementia

Tribe 3 Demo Day
(October 2018)

Maria Daigle (0:00-0:10) - Stress
Haoxin Li (10:00-20:00)- Accents
Raj Singh (20:00-30:00) - Ages
Tarun Maddali (30:00-40:00) - Stress
Dylan Martin (50:00-1:00:00) - Laserbeak
Kathleen Williams (1:00-1:10) - Depression
Justin John / Annie Vu (1:10:00) - Autism
Kamilah Mitchell (1:20:00) - Formant extraction
Luke Lyon (video link) - Emotions
Hilary Lynch (video link)- Alzheimer's

TRIBE 2 Demo Day
(April 2018)

Tim Wroge (0:00-13:20) - Parkinson's disease
Larry Zhang (13:20-20:25) - Data pipelines
Audrey Wagner (20:25-33:29) - Glioblastoma
Dylan Pitulski (33:29-51:18) - Schizophrenia
Wendy Nguyen (53:00-1:03:36) - Depression
Allison Pei (1:03:00-1:13:00) - Common colds
Alyssa Naritoku (1:16:00-1:21:00) - Graves' disease
Mugdha Apte (1:22:00-1:30:00) - Anxiety disorders

TRIBE 1 Demo Day
(September 2017)

Peter Tang (0:00-11:40) - Caffeine Detection
Shadab Hassan (11:40-23:00) - Anxiety
Alice Romanav (23:40-35:30) - Parkinson's
Radhika Duvvuri (39:29-48:44) - Depression
Sumaiya Sayeed (53:17-1:02:50) - Addiction
Yahia Ali (1:36:00-1:49:00) - Hardware demo
Jake Peacock (1:55:00-2:08:00) - Elastic Search

Hack Anxiety
(August 2017)

Hack Anxiety is the first Hack-X format that we hosted at Georgia Tech. The idea is to have a 3 hour Hack-a-thon format for innovators to come up with solutions in voice computing related around real problems - in this case, diagnosing and managing anxiety disorders.

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